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WASCO  is a subsidiary company established in 2004.  The company is involved and specialized in the collection of waste paper and cartons mainly OCC, which are being sold to industries using recovered paper as fiber raw material in manufacturing new products. WASCO present collection capability is over 400,000 tons per year, anticipating a growth up to 600,000 tons in the next five years. | More....


At WASCO , we really do care.  We are not caring
for only paper waste , but also protecting our environment
and are committed to reducing the environmental effects of waste by diverting as much as possible away from
landfill and recycling it into reusable materials |

   Cardboard Recycling
  Paper Recycling
  Plastic Recycling
  Metal Recycling  



asco recognizes the importance of protecting the environment. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution and waste through the strategic planning of our business and continually reviewing and improving our activities, products and services | .More....   

Corporate Responsibility

WASCO is educating the public concerning environmental preservation by participating to provide an education which have already started in the schools and through other charitable institutions where awareness and understanding starts by informing and enlightening the public |

News & Events

Oct. 16-18, 2013, Chicago
Our 2013 event, in partnership with the Paper Stock Industries Chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc., will bring together suppliers, consumers, equipment vendors, state and local recycling officials and other professionals affiliated with the recovered fiber industry. | More...

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The largest Waste collection & sorting company in the Middle East.
Over 20 collection centers around Middle
East- countrywide coverage
Over 300 collection vehicles Fast response time, every time
Trained drivers eco friendly service when handling office or business waste
24 Hour on call services
Competitive pricing
Variety of Recycling technique




How can we reduce waste?
All businesses have a legal duty and a corporate social responsibility to provide appropriate arrangements for the disposal of their waste to reduce landfill. There is usually a charge for commercial waste collection, so by reducing  the quantity of waste required for collection, companies | More....

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